1 in 3 people suffer from uncorrected poor vision and 90% of them live in base-of-the-pyramid or developing countries where they often lack access to vision care or are unaware they have poor vision. But in reality, they are needlessly suffering because 80% of vision problems can be prevented or treated with solutions that exist today. Uncorrected poor vision is also a burden on the global economy, costing an estimated US$272B in lost productivity every year.

At Essilor, we believe good vision is a basic human right. Seeing well improves everything in life, from an individual’s health, education and work opportunities, to the sustainable development of local communities and economies.

Our mission is to improve lives by improving sight. In 2012, we set ourselves the ambition to eliminate poor vision in a single generation, focused on serving the 2.7 billion people suffering from uncorrected poor vision. We do this through three focus areas: inclusive business, strategic philanthropy, awareness & advocacy.

In 2019, we published "Eliminating Poor Vision in a Generation: What will it take to eliminate uncorrected refractive errors by 2050?", an evidence-based roadmap that defines the global scale of uncorrected poor vision and outlines for the first time solutions to eliminate it within one generation.

Our ambition and targets are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, driving our efforts and enabling us to measure our progress.

For more information, please go to EssilorSeeChange.com